Business Traveler Benefits

Over the years I have acquired many business traveler clients and I know how important is it to them to be able to count on my availability. It's also important for them not to worry about having to hire a company that sends different employees  into their home in order to get the kind of availability they need. With Pets Dig Me you get rock-solid availability as well as getting me, the experienced business owner, as the only one that is doing the actual visits. What could be more purrfect that that!

365 day a year availability - Yep you heard that right! I know when you're a business traveler, you got to go when you got to go. Pets Dig Me is there for you!

Last minute booking - Boss spring a last minute trip on you?  I'm happy to accommodate these needs with no late booking fees.

Concierge service - With busy traveling schedules sometimes you run out of stuff! I'm happy to pick up food, litter or other supplies for you.

Monthly billing available - For the business travelers that do many short trips during the month, a monthly payment option is available. 

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