Cat Sitting FAQs


What times do you do your visits?

When making my schedule I am mindful of the individual cat's needs. Some cats have a stricter schedule due to a smaller allocation of food being put down and others always have food available so there may be more flexibility. Your cat/s will get an am and pm visit (am visits will be done sometime before 10 am and pm visits will be done sometime after 4 pm). I always try to even the timing out on the twice a day visits so the feeding schedule makes sense for the individual cat's needs. 

Who will visit my cat?

I, Kristi, am the business owner and sole serivce provider for Pets Dig Me. I form a relationship with both the pets I care for and their owners. Pets are less anxious and more comfortable when they know and trust their caregiver, and the same goes for the owners. These days so many of the pet sitting services use employees and independent contractors. Cats need stability not a revolving door. People are entrusting their companions and their homes to me, and I take that responsiblity very seriously. You can feel at ease knowing that you will always get me, someone with experience, who cares and whom you and your cat can trust, on each and every service. 

How much notice do you need?

For new clients, I need at least one week before you leave in order to have time to do a new client meeting. Once you are on board as a client I can usually accommodate last minute requests but I appreciate if you can give me as much notice as possible.  

What if I need to cancel a service?

If you need to cancel a service, you can do that without incurring any cancellation fees. I am happy to provide a flexible service to accommodate my clients' busy, changing schedules. 

Will you medicate my cat?

I have lots of experience giving cats medication and I do offer medication administration free of charge. I can't, however, guarantee I will be able to medicate all cats but I'm pretty versed in various techniques so I'm quite comfortable doing it. However, although I do medicate, I do not take on first-time clients as medication clients. Cats need to come on board first without medication needs. I do not however, offer a diabetic injection service. I recommend hiring an overnight sitter for those so the eating and response to injection can be monitored for a longer period of time. 


Do you watch other pets in the household?

I do not sit for households that do not have a cat. As far as other pet companions in the home along with a cat, I'm happy to provide basic fish care for aquariums. I'd prefer not watching other kinds of pets because cats are my specialty. 

Will you water my outdoor garden?

I appreciate beautiful gardens and know how much work goes into them so although my first priority is your cats, I am certainly willing to help you out with garden watering as well if you don't have another alternative. A few pots or a couple hanging baskets are not a big deal but if you have extensive watering beyond that there will need to be an extra fee based on the amount of watering needed. 

Do you keep my key in between jobs?

Yes, I keep keys on file. I don't offer a key pick up and drop off service before and after each cat sitting job. If you would like to continue to use me as your cat sitter, I will need to keep your key on file. If you'd prefer getting a lock box or have a coded key-less entry that works as well.  I keep keys in a secure location with no identification information on them - I have my own secret coding system for them. I am certainly happy to return your key anytime you need to discontinue service.

What takes place at the introductory meeting?

At the free no-obligation meeting, we all get aquainted, humans and felines, at your residence. We can go over the cats' routine and I have paperwork for you to fill out covering service details including pet and home care. I will get keys from you so that I can access your home. I do these meetings almost always on weekends. I need at least one weekend available to set this meeting up before you plan on leaving, so if you are contacting me with less than a week before you need service, I likely won't be able to work that out. Once the initial set up is done, you are officially a Pets Dig Me client then last minute bookings are not a problem because they don't require additional meetings. 

How do I get started?

Just email me to go over your needs. If it sounds like we may be a good fit we can set up a new client introductory meeting.