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For new clients email is the preferred method for initial contact to cover basic details below but I'm always happy to give you a call to chat afterwards. I respond to all new client inquiries within 24 hours. 

When emailing please be sure to include the following information below

Dog Walking Clients

Cat Sitting Clients

  • Your location: I'll need to know your nearest cross streets. If you are in an apartment building please include the name of the building. Please also see my service area page for details on specific areas I cover   Service area

  • Dates needed

  • Service needed (i.e. Cat's meow, Copy-cat/30, Copy-cat/45) The once daily offering (Cat's meow) is not available for households with more than 2 cats, cats in declining health, cat's under one year of age or wet food only eaters. Those situations would require the copy-cat offerings.  

For the well-being of your cats - at least one visit per day is required while you are away. 

  • A bit of information on your cat/s:  age, health, special needs - I do medicate cats however, I can't take on first-time clients with medication needs. Cats need to come on board first as non-medicated cats - For more information on this see FAQs

  • How did you hear about Pets Dig Me?

  •  Your location: I'll need to know your exact location. Readily available parking and easy access is important when it comes to my dog pick ups and drop offs so I'd need to know this in order to determine if the location will work for me. Please see my service area page for details on specific areas I cover  Service area

  • Days needed: (i.e. - 3x weekly Mon., Wed., Fri.) All dogs need to be on a regular weekly schedule. At least 2x weekly minimum preferred. Window needed:(i.e. - Morning 9-11, Mid-day 11-1, Later day 1-3, Last call 3-5). My preference for best mix and match possibilities is for everyone to pick at least 2 windows that their dog can go on, 3 is even better!

  • A bit of information about your dog: (i.e. - age, breed, personality and size - This is important info for me to have in order to determine if I have good dog matches to walk your dog with - if you have a photo to include that would be terrific)  My larger dog spots are currently filled but I have space available for dogs 40lbs or less.  

  • How did you here about Pets Dig Me?


  • If you have a cat that likes to venture into the great outdoors he/she must be able to stay inside during the time you are away. It's the only way I can properly monitor them and I just want them safe and sound upon your arrival home. I'm sorry I can't make exceptions to this. 

  • Please read the FAQs for more info on timing of visits, home key information etc...BEFORE contacting me to make sure we are the best fit. 


  • For information on requirements for dogs participating in my activities see FAQs 

Thank you for visiting my website. I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and your pet family

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