Seattle / Ballard cat sitter services

If you want a Seattle cat sitter that is knowledgeable about cats and absolutley adores them, you've come to the right place.


I offer daily visits to your home, providing exceptional, personalized care for your cats and your home. 

Each visit includes:
  • Monitoring health & wellbeing

  • Feeding & fresh water

  • Playtime, brushing and massages

  • Litterbox clean-up

  • Medication administration

  • Watering plants 

  • Newspaper & mail retrieval 

  • Curbing garbage/recycle

  • Alternating lights & blinds

  • Daily email or text updates with photos

I keep you in the loop with daily updates via email or text with photos. Unless there is something of immediate concern, I will send you the updates with photos at the end of my rounds so as not to take time away from the cats during our visit to do this. If you'd prefer updates at the time of service,  I can certainly do that as well. 

Additional needs just ask!

Services & Rates

Once a day visits ~

Allows time for ample petting, playing and health monitoring...


Cat's meow

- 50 minute visit / $40

Twice a day visits ~

Ideal for any cats that need twice daily monitoring for food, medication, home security checks or lengthy  trips etc..


-Two/30 minute visits a day

 $25 per visit / $50 per day


-Two/45 minute visits a day

$33 per visit / $66 per day

1/2 days when owner is home the other half of the day, the per visit rate applies

My rates are all inclusive: I don't charge extra holiday fees, multiple pet fees, medication administration fees, weekend fees,  cancellation fees, late booking fees or any additional fees. 

At least one visit required each day that you are away

Why no quick pop -in visits?

I feel responsible for your cats' well-being when you are away. Rather than rushing in for quick food refills and litter scoops, I feel it's important that I spend time with each cat under my care. Cats can get lonely, bored and stressed when owners are away and health issues can arise. Having them appropriately monitored, engaged and loved on, is the best preventative approach. It's the level of care I'd want for my own cats, so of course I want that for yours too!

tortious shell cat joyfully rolling

Cats need stability not a revolving door...

I do not use employees or independent contractors. You will always get me as your Seattle cat sitter, someone with experience, who cares and whom you and your cat can trust on each and every service. With my unwavering dedication and rock-solid availability, it's a win win for my clients. 

I have an abundance of knowledge about cats, behavioral as well as health issues, including geriatric care. I feel I have a calming effect on them and I pride myself on being able to win over even the most skeptical ones. I enjoy making that connection. 

One of my lifetime goals is to start a retirement home for  the discarded senior cats that have less chance of making it out of shelters and I'm particularly interested in keeping bonded cat pairs together for life. My previous cats Emerson and Rudi had such an amazing bond and the thought of them ever having to be separated would just be heartbreaking. Seeing signs up on shelter cages that say they'd be willing to separate a bonded pair drives my desire to start this rescue. Using Pets Dig Me for your cat sitting needs will help me get closer to that goal.

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