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North Seattle / Ballard dog walker services 

I offer Nature Treks giving dogs a chance to socialize and share exciting adventures with buddies. Not a potty break around your block, but stimulating adventures for your pup!

Two dogs enjoying a grassy park hillside
Two dogs walking through a trail of buttercups

I know it's hard to always find the time to make your dog's day magical and special everyday, but my excursions will help them to live their best lives even when you are too busy or tired. A tired pup is a content, mellow pup that can allow you to have the break you need. 

Seattle Dog Walking Nature Treks

My excursions are unique, instead of just walking dogs around the dog's own neighborhood which can get boring and lacks the nature element that dogs crave, I like to give my pups something more exciting!

My nature treks take us through various parks and trails. Our main parks we go to are Discovery (best park in Seattle) and Carkeek. I love getting city pups back to nature. It's an amazing treat for their senses.  

I run my treks differently than other services in a great way. Your dog gets to share their adventure with buddies. I am adamant, however, that my pups have ample room for exploring, allowing them to enjoy the activity to the fullest so I won't take them out in a large pack, instead the get to share all the fun with one buddy and the small dog social club team can roll with two pals, pretty ideal and very rare in the dog walking business! Your dog can walk with different pals on different days so it's a great social experience for them.

I keep you in the loop by sending a text upon arrival for pick up and a text upon return back home. At the end of the day I send photo galleries out to my clients of their pup's adventures. 

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