Discovery Park Excursions

Hold on to your tails pups this one is fantastic!

The Park:

Discovery park is 534 acres of pure doggie delight. It's not only the largest park in Seattle,  it's also the most unique with so many varying places to explore. From the tall grass trails out on the vast bluff to the many back meadows and ponds, to the forest area trails, we could spend all day there and not even scratch the surface! It's so amazingly peaceful there when I take my troop on weekdays, it sometimes feels like we have the entire 534 acres to ourselves. A real natural park gem unlike any other park in the city!


The Excursion:

I take pups to Discovery sometimes for the regular excursions but when we have time we often like to do an extended excursion for 75 minutes or more at the park. We need more time at this park, there is just way too many places to explore here!  I tote water with me and we can take breaks in a meadow for refreshments and a treat when needed. 


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