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Why I might be the right Seattle dog walker for you

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Experience: I've been walking dogs professionally for 20 years. I have a wide variety of experiences in dealing with varying personalities and behavior. 

Safety: Safety is always my top priority. I carefully screen my dogs, taking them out solo first so we can get acquainted and then introducing them to each dog one by one with their potential walking pals. I only pick up dogs from places I can park close to with minimal time involved so unfortuantley big apartment buildings are out. This makes my pick up and drop offs go quickly so no dog is left in the car unattended for long.  I have strong AC in my vehicle as well as tinted windows and I always lock up when doing pick up and drop offs as well as when I'm driving around. I'm a super careful driver, never shooting into an intersection right after the light changes etc... Always on alert since I'm carrying precious cargo. I only go to parks that are safe. When Woodland/Greenlake was over run with homeless encampments I took that park off our roster. Discovery is encampment free. At Carkeek we don't go to the entrance that has some encampments the rest of the park is encampment free  as well.  Plenty of people around walking, jogging etc.. I don't do large pack walks because I don't feel that is safe or in the best interest of the dogs. 2-3 make a perfect team, enough to be able to share the experience and keep up with social skills but not too many that jeopordizes abilty to have enough room to explore and not allow for a free flowing trek. 

No Employees or Independent contractors:  You will always get me at the other end of your dogs leash, someone with experience who cares and who's careful with your pup's best interest always in mind. 

I truly adore those pups: It's not just a job to me I want to be sure that my activity is something that causes your pup to thrive. If I feel my treks are not in your dogs best interest I will be the first one to bring this up to you and come up with a different game plan. 

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