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Abby's story-

a testimonial

Client Abby out for a walk

Abby was found on the streets of Los Angeles with a huge wound in her side, apparently from being attacked by a larger animal. The shelter that took her in patched her up, and then she was lucky enough to be part of a group of dogs flown to Seattle by Wings of Rescue, an organization that regularly brings dogs from high-kill shelters in California to shelters where they can be adopted. Abby was taken in by PAWS, and this is where my client Lori came in. She adopted Abby and well things really started looking up for this sweet dog. She was extremely shy and mistrustful for some time. Clearly, her early years were traumatic. With Lori's love she started to shine. Lori then signed her up for my excursions. After the initial warm up, Abby started to flourish. Walking with her pals has improved her confidence dramatically. Nothing warms my heart more than watching Abby girl trot side-by-side with one of her pals or break out into a grass roll, belly to the sky, full of silliness (wiggle, wiggle, wiggle). 

A google review from Abby's mom: "The great thing about Kristi is that she really customizes her service to your dog's needs and personality. She walked my late Lab, Toby, for several years, from when he was at his bounciest best to when he was a sedate older dog. Abby, my current dog, is a mini-dachshund mix and was very skittish when I first adopted her from a local shelter. Kristi started slow with Abby, letting her get used to lone walks before introducing other dogs, and then was always very careful about who she matched her up with. Having regular dog pals to hang out with helped Abby gain confidence and within months she was almost unrecognizable from the shy dog who'd hide behind me on our walks. Now I can even take Abby to the park with friends who have bigger dogs, and not worry about her feeling shy or intimidated"

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