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About Kristi: Owner / Seattle dog walker & cat sitter

"Love of animals has always been the driving force in my life"

"I am both a dog and cat person, sharing my life with both canines and felines. Both sides of my business have equal emphasis and are very important to me and I truly enjoy both" 

Business owner kisses dog at the park
Business owner cuddles a cat

How I got here....

Born and raised in the Pacific NW, from a young child I was fixated on helping animals. I organized my very first fundraiser for the local Humane Society at age 7! Later in life, I spent numerous hours volunteering for animal welfare organizations. Some of these included The Doney Clinic for Pets, Seattle Animal Shelter, Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Clinic & the Progressive Animal Welfare Society. Caring for the feral cats after surgery and heading up the dog walking program for the shelter dogs were some of my volunteer highlights. I was also an avid reader of pet behavior books with special interest in body language, stress signals and environment enrichment. The writing was on the wall so to speak.This led to my leaving my former career to enter the pet care field full-time, a field that I felt I was destined for all along. I took a job in a Veterinary clinic while I prepared to launch my own pet care business.

In 2001 I launched Pets Dig Me Pet Care 

and have been taking care of Seattle dogs and cats ever since. Not only am I a Ballard-based one-women shop, I reside here as well. It has been my full time, permanent career for the past 23 years, which has included many thousands of dog treks and cat sitting visits. It's been a great honor to care for so many furry clients. These amazing teachers of dog and cat behavior have helped hone my skillset and ability to provide safe, enriching, fun-filled experiences for my pals.  

Pets Dig Me has always been, is and always will remain a small local business with no employees or independent contractors. You and your pet will always get me, someone with experience, who cares and whom you can trust, on each and every service. With my unwavering dedication to my roster of dynamic doggies and fabulous felines, it's a win win for my clients. I take pride in running an honest, ethical business with an abundance of compassion. Countless outstanding references available. 

Licensed: in the city of Seattle and the state of Washington  / Insured & Bonded: through Pet Sitters Associates

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