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Dog walking excursions:

My on-leash nature exploration dog walking excursions take us through various parks and trails. Our main parks we go to are Discovery (best park in Seattle), Carkeek and Llandover woods with occasional Greenlake and Golden Gardens treks. I love getting city pups back to nature. It's an amazing treat for their senses

Seattle / Ballard dog walker services

Excursions giving dogs a chance to socialize and share exciting times with buddies. Not a potty break around your block, but stimulating adventures for your pup!

I cater the activity to the day and the dogs on board. So if it's hot, the shady trails are the way to go, whereas if it's a windy, stormy day, then picking a location out of the wooded areas is a safer bet. If I have a couple slower-paced sniffers on board then an easy-going trail is an order, whereas if I have the go go go pups, a more adventurous, hilly route may be what's on the agenda. Safety, dogs' energy levels and fun always dictate the walking destinations 

My excursions are unique in the field of dog walking. Most dog walkers just walk dogs around the dog's own neighborhood which can get boring and lacks the nature element that dogs crave. I like to give my pups something more exciting! All my pups get to go to all the parks, so I'm not just taking dogs to a park they live close to. My excursions are filled with lots of variety and an abundance of adventure. 

Your dog gets to share their activity with 1 or 2 buddies. I am adamant that my pups have room to explore and enjoy the activity to the fullest so a pal or two tops, is the way we roll! They'll have different pals on different days so it's a great social experience for them and they really enjoy being part of a team. Since I don't take them in big packs there is no over crowding in the car, just a fun adventure with a pal or two

I keep you in the loop by sending a text upon arrival for pick up and a text upon return back home. At the end of the day I send photo galleries out to my clients of their pup's adventures

You need to sign up for regular weekly service / 2 excursions per week minimum preferred. I might be able to accommodate just once a week needs but please see Dog FAQs for more details about that as well as dog requirements and timing of excursions etc...

Excursion walks are 60 minutes at the walking location. Each excursion also includes additional time to pick up a pal and get to and from the walking location so keep in mind, the total excursion time may be as much as  1.5 hours - 2 hours. 

We sometimes end up at Discovery for an extra long time, there is just so much to explore there and my pups refuse to leave any blade of grass un-sniffed!  More details on this one here

You pick the days you want your dog to go and I will mix up the adventures for them. 

$35 per excursion               

Retired Seniors: When my clients reach an age that they are no longer able to go out on my excursions,  I offer a 30 minute visit for a gentle walk and loves. This is only available for the dogs that have retired from my excursions. 

$27 per visit

I service dogs that live in the following North Seattle / Ballard areas: Sunset Hill, Loyal Heights, Whittier Heights, Olympic Manor, North Beach and Blue Ridge. Please see service area map for more specifics

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