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Seattle : North beach - Blue Ridge - Ballard dog walker services 

White dog sniffs branch of green leaves

Dog walking nature treks at two all-natural Seattle parks  Discovery and Carkeek

I know it's hard to always find the time to make your dog's day magical and special everyday, but my nature treks will help them to live their best lives even when you are too busy or tired. Even for all you work from home types it's a great option to get your dog out on a real adventure so you can concentrate on your work tasks


My excursions are unique, instead of just walking dogs around the dog's own neighborhood which can get boring and lacks the nature element that dogs crave, I like to give my pups something more exciting!

My nature treks take us through two large, all natural parks in Seattle,  Discovery and Carkeek. I love getting city pups back to nature. It's an amazing treat for their senses. While some dogs are the go go go types, others think every blade of grass or tree branch is up for some serious inspection, these treks can accommodate all energy levels.  

I have a great option: Your dog gets social time while sharing their adventure with other dogs on my buddy nature treks. They can go with a different dog on different days or stick with one they really love, so it's a great way to stay safe while keeping up their social skills and still being able to explore to their hearts content. Since these aren't big pack walks we have no limitations on where we can explore. Seems most of the time you either have to choose between private walks around your home or if there is a more exciting adventure it entails the dogs going out in a large pack. I know my treks are pretty ideal and very rare in the dog walking business, so I'm super happy to be able to offer them. When my clients have occasional weekend nature treks needs I have those covered as well. 

I keep you in the loop by sending a text upon arrival for pick up and a text upon return back home. At the end of the day I send photo galleries out to my clients of their pup's adventures. 

See what it looks like to be a  PETS DIG ME dog...

Dogs walking in a field of wild flowers

Service details

Buddy Nature Treks

(walking with buddies)

Discovery & Carkeek Parks

We like to do a mix of these 2 great parks 

We spend 1 hour at the park. Total time away from home can be 1.5 - 2 hours which includes picking up a pal and driving to and from the park destination

$40 per trek

No discount for additional dog from the same family 

These treks run Monday - Thursday

You need to sign up for regular weekly service for these treks

No required amount of days as long as your pup is going out on some weekly schedule

Occasional Nature Treks

These treks are available to my regular weekly dogs when they might have needs come up on the weekend 

Carkeek Park

We spend 1 hour at the park. Total time away from home can be 1.5 hours which includes driving to and from the park destination

These treks are available:  Friday - Saturday - Sunday

$45 per trek

Curly, blonde dog stands watch atop a tree log

Dogs that are the best fit:

  • Dogs that are not aggressive towards dogs or people since we pass both on the trails

  • Dogs that are not skittish/fearful

  • Dogs that are spay or neutered

  • Dogs current on vaccines deemed necessary by their own veterinarian

  • Dogs at least 9 months of age

I like my dogs to be wearing harnesses and I use my own leashes so you can leave yours at home

For additional info view FAQs

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