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Parks + Nature treks gallery

One big and one small dog walking in field of green and orange grasses

Discovery Park

Discovery Park is 534 acres of pure doggie delight. It's not only the largest park in Seattle, it's also the most unique with so many varying places to explore. From the tall grass trails out on the bluff to the many back meadows and ponds, to the forest area trails, we could spend all day there and not even scratch the surface. The Capeheart forest area is truly breathtaking. It's so amazingly peaceful there when I take my pup pals on weekdays. A real gem, unlike any other park in the city!

Carkeek Park

Carkeek Park has 220 acres of fun exploration. Plenty of lush forest trail options and Piper's creek stream. This park has multiple entrances so each takes us to a different area of the park making it feel like multiple parks in one. It's an amazingly green park and checks all our boxes for a terrific nature walk!

 Two dogs looking out on a lush green forest trail


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