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Dog Walking FAQs

Two dogs pose for the camera in a field of wild flowers

Who will be taking my dog out?

Since 2001, I have been the one and only walker for every member of my dog pack. I feel strongly that dogs need consistency, not a revolving door of employees and contractors. The long-term relationships I build with each dog make our outings safer and more fun. My familiarity with everyone's personality, preferences and health conditions helps me offer each dog the most appropriate experience. 

Does my dog need to be on a regular schedule? 

Yes your dog will need to be set up on some regular weekly schedule. I'm flexible with my clients on schedule changes and cancellations when things come up.

Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

Yes I am licensed in the city of Seattle and the state of Washington. I am insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates.

What do you transport my dog in?

I drive a Honda Element (the ultimate doggie vehicle)! We have heat and air conditioning/tinted windows and a sunroof for extra ventilation. No furry carpeting material inside at all, just easy to clean interior. I would never jeopardize the safety of my client's dogs or their homes by putting promoting my business over safety, so I do not use any form of advertisements on my vehicle. 

Do you have a discount for 2-dog families?

I'm sorry, I just can't offer a discount for families with a second dog, I wish I could. These excursions are long in duration and with the extra costs of commuting to walking destinations, I need all spots to be paying full rate for me to be able to offer this great activity. 

How will I know how my dog is doing?

I send daily photo galleries directly to my clients via email so they can see their pups having fun with their pals on their daily adventures. I will let you know any pertinent details on how things went. I'm of course always available to my clients to chit chat about anything as well and with all you work from home types, I tend to see you all the time too!

What takes place at the introductory meeting?

At the free no-obligation introductory meeting, we all get aquainted, humans and canines, at your residence. We can cover any questions you or I may have. If both you and I feel we are a good match, I will have you fill out some paperwork covering service details. I will also need to get a key or key pad code from you so that I can access your home. I offer a free trial excursion where I take your dog out on a walk, solo. This will allow your dog and I to get to know one another before I buddy them up with a pal. 

How do I get started?

Just go to the CONTACT PAGE where you will find a list of questions I will need to know from you as well as my email address. If everything sounds good we can set up a meeting. 

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