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What are the requirements for dog excursions?

In order for dogs to join my excursions, they must be non-aggressive towards humans and dogs. They must be current on vaccinations (Rabies & DHLPP). They must be spay or neutered and at least 6 months of age. They must be wearing a current city license. Dogs also need to be wearing a harness. 

When do your excursions take place?

My excursions take place Monday - Friday. I have excursions in the mornings and throughout the afternoon.

Who will be taking my dog out?

I, Kristi Platt, am the owner and sole service provider for Pets Dig Me. I form a relationship with both the dogs I care for and their owners. Dogs are less anxious and more comfortable when they see the same smiling face each day so I do not use employees or independant contractors. My clients are entrusting their companions and their homes to me, and I take that responsibility very seriously. You can feel at ease knowing that you will always get me, someone with experience who cares and whom you and your dog can trust on each and every service. 

What parks, trails and hoods do you walk in?

The parks/trails we go to are all local. We love to go down the Mary street trail that leads to the Carkeek South trails. From there we can go many routes like the South ridge, South bluff, and hillside trails. We also can enter Carkeek through another entrance and go along the Piper's creek trail. Golden Gardens trails and waterfront is another destination. Greenlake/Woodland park is another. For a super special treat we can hit Discovery Park which has the amazing bluff and meadows which we love. As far as neighborhoods we walk they are all local as well but the key is we always walk a different hood than the dogs on board for the excursion live, so they can see new sights and get some exciting new sniffs. We may walk Sunset Hill, North beach, Blue Ridge, Phinney Ridge, West Woodland, Loyal heights etc.. We shoot for the neighborhoods with the most lush vegetation and beautiful trees. 

How many dogs do you walk together on an excursion?

I walk dogs with 1 or 2 buddies. The bigger dogs can walk with one buddy and some of the smaller dogs can walk with 2 buddies, just depends on their walking style. I am adamant that my pups have room to explore and enjoy the activity to the fullest so a pal or two tops is the way we roll. 

How will I know how my dog is doing?

I leave a daily note for my clients, letting you know about your dogs day. I also send daily photo galleries directly to my clients via email so they can see their pups having fun with their pals on their daily adventures. 

Does my dog need to be on a regular schedule?

Yes your dog will need to be set up on some regular weekly schedule, 2x a week minimum. If you need to cancel an excursion you can do that without incurring any cancellation fees. You can also add on a day when needed. I am happy to provide a flexible service to accommodate my clients' busy, changing schedules. 

Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

Yes I am licensed in the city of Seattle and the state of Washington. I am insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates.

What takes place at the introductory meeting?

At the free no-obligation introductory meeting, we all get aquainted, humans and canines, at your residence. We can cover any questions you or I may have. If both you and I feel we are a good match, I will have you fill out some paperwork covering service details. I will also need to get a key from you so that I can access your home. I offer a free trial excursion where I take your dog out on a walk, solo. This will allow your dog and I to get to know one another before I buddy them up with a pal. 

How do I get started?

Just go to the CONTACT PAGE where you will find a list of questions I will need to know from you as well as my email address. If everything sounds good we can set up a meeting. 

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