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Cat Sitting Policy Q&As

orange and toutoise shell cats sitting

What times do you do your visits?

When making my schedule I am mindful of the individual cat's needs. Some cats have a stricter schedule due to a smaller allocation of food being put down and others always have food available so there may be more flexibility. Although I can't promise an exact timing, I always try to even the timing out on my twice a day visits so the feeding schedule makes sense for the individual cat's needs. 

Who will visit my cat/s?

Me! Since 2001, I have personally taken care of each and every Pets Dig Me cat sitting client. Many pet care services these days rely on a network of employees and contractors, but I feel strongly that cats need stability, not a revolving door. I work hard to earn the trust of each cat on my roster, so that I can be a reassuring presence when their human family is away. 

How much notice do you need?

For new clients, I need at least one week before you leave in order to have time to do a new client meeting. Once you are on board as a client I can usually accommodate last minute requests but I appreciate if you can give me as much notice as possible.  

What if I need to cancel a service?

If you need to cancel a service, you can do that without incurring any cancellation fees. I am happy to provide a flexible service to accommodate my clients' busy, changing schedules. 

Will you medicate my cat?

I have lots of experience giving cats medication. I can't, however, guarantee I will be able to medicate all cats but I'm pretty versed in various techniques so I'm quite comfortable doing it. However, although I do medicate, I do not take on first-time clients as medication clients. Cats need to come on board first without medication needs. I am, however, no longer offering a diabetic injection or sub-q fluid administration service. There currently is not an extra fee for medication administration. 


Do you watch other pets in the household?

I do not sit for households that do not have a cat. As far as other pet companions in the home along with a cat, I'm happy to provide basic fish care for aquariums. I do not offer pet sitting for dogs, birds, retiles, rodents or other kinds of pets. My focus for my pet sitting service is on cats. 

Will you water my outdoor garden?

During my visits, my first priority is your cat/s: monitoring food intake/litter box use to make sure nothing is awry, and offering play time/affection to keep their spirits up in your absence. I'm happy to look after indoor plants while performing cat duties, and I can make sure a small number of pots and hanging baskets are watered, but if you have more extensive outdoor garden needs, the length of my visits might not accommodate their care without sacrificing time with your cat/s. Feel free to let me know what your needs are and we can see what we can work out but it might be necessary to book longer visits if the watering is extensive. 

Is it okay if my house cleaner/handyman etc.. enter the home while you are on duty?

My worst nightmare is having a cat escape while you're away and I have realized over the years that not many service providers are as vigilant as I am. I would like to avoid ANY possibility of your cat/s being startled by unusual commotion and dashing out the door. I am also in charge of many clients and I have a responsibility to stay healthy. If another service provider enters your home it exposes me to potential viruses. I respectfully request that no other services be preformed inside your home while your cats are under my care. 

What takes place at the introductory meeting?

At the free no-obligation meeting, we all get acquainted, humans and felines, at your residence. I will send you paperwork for you to fill out covering service details including pet and home care via email ahead of the meeting, then we can go over in person. I will get keys from you so that I can access your home. I do not do zoom meetings. I think it's important to meet you and your cat/s in person as well as it's reassuring for your cat/s to meet me with you there before I come in when you are away. 

How do I get started?

Just email me to go over your needs. If I have room on my roster and it sounds like we may be a good fit we can set up a new client introductory meeting. 


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