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My Own Cats 'Possum & Gob'

"Gentle whiskers brushing against my face inspire me daily"

I am passionate about enriching cats lives by enhancing the environments for which they live. One super fun way is to give them some safe outdoor time. I had this cat enclosure/catio built on to my house which my boys can access through a cat door. They enjoy bird watching, sunbathing and taking in all that nature has to offer while keeping them safe. It provides endless amounts of entertainment for my boys. An extension I will be adding is in the works...stayed tuned! I also enjoy taking them out on leash walks in the yard to explore further as well. It's a fun bonding activity.

Over the years I've gained extensive knowledge of feline health issues as my boys tackled medical conditions such as hyperthyroidism, hypertension, kidney disease and IBD, to more intense battles with an abdominal urethrostomy and cancer. This, combined with my considerable knowledge of cat behavior and a genuine love for our feline friends, gives me the qualifications needed to provide and exception level of care to my clients.

I spent 17 amazing years with my cats Emerson & Rudi, watching them go from youngsters to geriatrics. My passion for homeless geriatric cats brought P.C. and Guy into my life next, and I can't imagine a more rewarding journey. My most recent adoptions are my sweet boys Gob and Possum. While Gob is an affection-seeking love bug, my shy boy Possum came to me skittish and mistrustful. Watching him let his guard down, relax and learn that the world doesn't have to be a scary place has been a truly rewarding experience.  

Enjoy the slideshow of my boys catio/leash walking outdoor adventures

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