Why I may be the right North Seattle /  Ballard cat sitter for you


I've been a Ballard cat sitter since 2001. I've watched time and again new services start up and then close down, and I am always left standing. I own a house in Ballard and I'm not going anywhere, nor do I have any desire to change careers. I'm a cat sitter lifer.



I am Pets Dig Me. I do not hire employees or contractors as so many other pet services do these days. I never will. I feel watching someone's pets and their home is just too important to leave up to an employee who may or may not care about what they are doing. Cat's don't need a revolving door. They need someone they can learn to trust to keep their stress levels down. I know I would never feel comfortable hiring an employee-based cat sitting service for my own cats. I offer what I know I would want: the same person (the business owner), someone with experience who cares about my pets each and every service. 


My availability to my clients is rock solid, and I have many long-time clients and business traveler clients who can attest to this. If I plan to take time off (which happens infrequently), I'd ask my clients about their upcoming needs first, and then I book time off around those needs. I'm not a traveler myself, so any time off I might take is very flexible. I generally just let my down time fall where it does naturally in my schedule and that works fine with me.  I don't work 1/2 days on holidays; I devote my holidays to the business to ensure my clients' needs are met even during very busy times. With that said, if a client needs me each year only on Thanksgiving or Christmas, that isn't something I'm going to be able to accommodate. My holidays slots are reserved for my clients who use me year-round for their cat sitting needs, so if you are looking for holiday care only, I'm not the right cat sitter for you. When new clients inquire about my service, I don't just consider the job at hand, I also consider whether or not I feel I can add a new client to my roster. This is because, once on board, I am determined to cover their future needs as well. 



I have a passion for what I do so I don't just punch a time clock and leave. There are times when unexpected duties come up. In those instances, I often will stay longer on my own time to ensure the cat receives his/her special attention time. It's not just a job to me. I actually truly care about the cats. As I see it, cats lives revolve around whatever goes on within the walls of their home, so anything I can do to enrich their lives while I am there is important. I know it means the world to them, so in turn it means the world to me, too.



I've been a full-time professional cat sitter since 2001, so I have a wide variety of experiences dealing with all sorts of medical and behaviorial issues. I am a cat owner myself and have shared my personal home with numerous cats over the years from young to elderly. I have gone through all the stages in a cat's life with them. I have an on-going thirst for cat knowledge so am always researching ways to make them happy and healthy. 

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I absolutely oppose the stereotypes placed on cats which could not be further from how they actually are. If you know how to relate to them those stereotypes go right out the window. To make that connection is truly a rewarding experience and something I strive for with each and every one of my feline clients.

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